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Hi there, Si Ekin here.  

Basically, I am a life coach and motivational speaker. More specifically, I am a teacher of courage.

I have devoted more than 15 years to assisting people in transforming their lives by helping people to identify their goals and walk them through a system for overcoming their fears in pursuit of those goals by being courageous.

It might be in making more sales, achieving your goals or just being happy. I have an unwavering commitment to my clients in helping them achieve the results they want and most importantly to enjoy the journey, or process we undertake and to learn valuable lessons.  

I like to think that what sets me apart from other motivational speakers, life coaches and inspirational speakers, is that I try to walk the talk and demonstrate what I am trying to teach and coach: that courageous action is the key to living a great life and that the key to it all, it be your word and do what you say.

In 2011 I decided to "be the change I wanted to see in the world" and set a challenge of delivering 90 free motivational talks in 90 days on buses, trains, planes, gym classes and even a sauna in and around Cape Town in effort to confront my fears, but particularly that of rejection! Suffice to say, I have made some remarkable discoveries about fears and possibility, not least of all that fear is one our biggest opportunities, yet most of us avoid our fears!

I have put together a series of videos for you to check out of these adventures, so please take some time out and click HERE to view the videos

Explore our website and find out how Si Ekin can help you achieve the same results. (photo's courtesy of Helen Bennett - Naked Living)

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